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Hi-Calibre Graphics Ltd.

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Need signage and digital print SOLUTIONS for unique and modern design and advertising elements? We’re the sign team for you!



With more than 27 years of experience, we have window film SOLUTIONS for privacy, security, decorative, and solar control.

-Jared (Residential Client)


"I have found your level of expertise and service goes above and beyond."



"Just wanted to say the windows look great! You did a very good job and already this morning I could feel the difference. 👌"

Excessive glare? Fading? Heating & cooling issues? Privacy? Security? We have the perfect window film tint in Calgary for the SOLUTIONS you need.

window film solutions

Hi-Calibre Graphics Ltd. is a family business that focuses on creating SOLUTIONS to your window film needs. With over 27 years of individual experience in the tinting, paint protection, graphics, signage, and window film tint in Calgary industry, and as a member of the IWFA holding Basic, Advanced, and Safety Security Accreditation, as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, a 3M Endorsed Installer for Architectural films, holding Eastman Enerlogic Accreditation, a MADICO SafetyShield Authorized Installer for security film in Calgary and area, and as an accredited Hüper Optik dealer; you can be assured that you are dealing with the highest certified and accredited supplier & installer in ALL of Alberta.

-Ray (3E Glass)